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Red Rocks follows the 2010 ADA guidelines regarding the sale of accessible seating. Patrons requiring special seating accommodations must request them at the time of purchase. Patrons may purchase up to 3 companion seats adjacent to their accessible seat if available. Due to ticketing procedures, only Row 1 and Row 70 ticket holders and their ticketed companions can be accommodated in these ticketed rows. When available, tickets can be purchased or picked up at the Red Rocks Box Office only on the day of show. The Box Office is accessible and located near Entrance 2 and has a drive-up window for your convenience. Due to the unique historic and natural structure of Red Rocks, only Rows 1 and 70 are wheelchair accessible.

Tickets for unsold accessible seating may be released for sale to individuals without disabilities:

  1. When all non-accessible tickets have been sold;
  2. When all non-accessible tickets in a designated seating area have been sold and the tickets for accessible seating are being released in the same designated area; or
  3. When all non-accessible tickets in a designated price category have been sold and the tickets for accessible seating are being released within the same designated price category. Note: Wheelchair spaces are 36” wide.

For the 2010 ADA Revised Requirements Red Rocks enforces regarding ticket sales and accessible seating, please click here


Designated accessible parking for persons with disabilities is in two locations. Please check your tickets for the locations of your seats before parking. For access to the top of the amphitheater, Row 70, parking is available in the Top Circle Lot. For access to the front row, Row 1, the parking is at the Upper South Lot. A valid, appropriate disability placard or license plate is required to park in a space identified as reserved for persons with disabilities. The person that the registration of the accessible parking hang-tag or license belongs to, must be in the vehicle, and identification is required. All park entrances can access all parking lots.

Guests should arrive as early as possible to ensure space availability and to reach their seats prior to show time. All parking is ‘first come, first served’. Guests that require to be dropped off and/or picked up may do so at the Top Circle Lot or Upper South Lot, depending on their seat location. Typically, amphitheater doors open 1 1/2 hours prior to advertised event time; parking lots open typically 2 hours prior to door time.

Top Circle Lot — This paved circular lot can accommodate up to 23 vehicles with access aisles adjacent to each space. These spaces are for guests possessing tickets for Row 70 or who are mobile enough to access their designated seats. Although the Top Circle Lot is reachable from any of the four entrances to the park, guests who need to park there should use park entrance 1, West Alameda Parkway. The distance from the Top Circle Lot to Row 70 is approximately 500 feet. 

Upper South Parking Lot — There is a paved area in this lot that can accommodate up to 30 vehicles with access aisles adjacent to each space. Access to the amphitheater from this lot is via the accessible shuttle which will take you up the backstage road to a graded ramp to Row 1. Although the Upper South Parking Lot is reachable from any of the four entrances of the park, guests who need to park there should use park entrance 3 - Red Rocks Park Road to Ship Rock Road.

Trading Post Parking Lot — There are 3 permanent accessible spaces for people with disabilities at the Trading Post for Trading Post business only.

Accessible Shuttle

Red Rocks Amphitheatre operates shuttle vehicles to transport ticketed guests with disabilities or mobility impairments. Guests who possess tickets for Row 1 and other lower sections of the amphitheater should park in the Upper South lot. Shuttles will begin transporting guests 30 minutes prior to door time from the paved section of the Upper South Accessible parking lot. From the Upper South parking lot, guests will be transported to the South Gate, the same location that those who walk up the South ramp. From the shuttle drop off, a ramp approximately 275 feet long will lead guests to Row 1 and the lower part of the venue. If guests have tickets that are located in a row other than Row 1, they will make their way up to their ticketed seats from this location. After the show has ended, the shuttle will pick up from South Gate, the same location where guests are dropped off prior to the show, and will continue operating until all patrons requiring the shuttle have returned to their vehicles. Ticketed guests with disabilities or mobility impairments needing access to Row 70 or the upper levels of the venue will be directed to park in the Top Circle Lot.


Accessible restrooms are available at the bottom and top of the amphitheater. For patrons using Row 1, accessible bathrooms are available at the North Concession Stand and on the South Ramp. located to the left and right of the stage on the South ramp and at the north concession stand. At the top of the amphitheater, accessible family restrooms are adjacent to Row 70. There are also accessible restrooms inside the Visitor Center. Access to the Visitor Center is via an elevator located inside the plaza level entrance.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted and admitted into the amphitheater. Each service animal must remain with its owner and be restrained. If any service animals interfere with other guests, corrective action may include rearranging seating or removal of the service animal from the amphitheater.

Merchandise and Concessions

Concession stands are accessible from both accessible seating sections and are indicated on the map. Accessible seating is located at the top of the amphitheater in Row 70 and at the front of the amphitheater in Row 1.

Parking Privileges Violation 

Parking is not allowed in any access aisles. Management reserves the right to take appropriate action regarding misrepresentation of parking privileges which may include ticketing and towing cars at owner’s expense, reporting of misuse of disability plate/tag to Colorado Motor Vehicle for possible revocation of parking privileges, and/or criminal charges.


For accessibility questions, please email us or call us at 720-865-2494.

Recommended Routes for Accessible Parking and Seating


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