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NOVEMBER 2016 -- Two projects are underway at Red Rocks -- a new waterline and Upper North Parking Lot improvements.  

The waterline project will impact the Lower South 2 Parking Lot, running north across the lot to Trading Post Road, and then north to the Trading Post and south to the Box Office. Roads will typically remain open throughout construction, but will be closed occasionally for certain portions of the work. Detours will be in place and the Trading Post will remain open.

Construction will begin on the Upper North Parking Lot in early November, and likely conclude in the spring (mid-April). The lot will be closed through construction, but access to the Top Circle Lot and the Visitor Center will remain open throughout construction. There will be overflow parking available in the Upper North Lot for heavy-use days. This project will improve the Upper North Parking Lot to address erosion and storm water control and improve the usability of the lot. The lot is quite steep, and storm water regularly cuts ruts across the lot, which require constant maintenance. By eliminating the erosion issues, guests will no longer have to drive around and through the ruts. The grading will be slightly flatter as well, making the lot more usable. We will also be adding a wide sidewalk around the lot, which will provide a safe separation between pedestrians and autos, and improve traffic flow into and out of the lot. New landscaping features will be added to visually improve the lot and also pretreat storm water.  

Beyond the construction impacts, the lot will be paved – this first season. For one season only, it will be typical black asphalt. Once the asphalt has cured, we will be applying a top coat which will match the natural colors of Red Rocks.

To reiterate -- for one season only, the lot will be black. In fall of 2017, it will be “chip/sealed” with a reddish-tan color. Renderings are courtesy of Mundus Bishop.


JANUARY 2016 -- Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre will undergo some road and parking improvements to enhance the visitor experience. These improvements will address the impact from storm-water and erosion, and also focus on refining the safety and circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These improvements are scheduled for completion prior to the 2016 concert season and will take place in the Upper North Parking Lot, the Intersection of Trading Post Road and W. Alameda Parkway, and Red Rocks Park Road adjacent to the Lower South 1 and 2 parking lots.

Project Details by Location:

Location Description
Upper North Lot Re-grade the surface to manage storm-water and erosion
Intersection (W. Alameda Parkway and Trading Post Road) Formalize the “T” intersection and remove the lower “Y” section to meet current roadway standards
Trading Post Road Improve the road lighting on Trading Post Road between Ship Rock Road and W. Alameda
Red Rocks Park Road Adjust the road alignment, add storm-water management controls, add a pedestrian pathway and re-grade parking lot surface of Lower South 2

Park Access and Detours:
Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, including the Trading Post and Visitor Center, will remain open during the construction period with some minor detours likely to be encountered. It is anticipated that the Intersection will be closed January 11-19, weather depending. During this time, access to Red Rocks Amphitheatre will be through the south ramp or the east stairs. The Ship Rock Grille will be closed during the January 11-19 improvements.

Please see the below maps for details on closures.

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